ATC Gaiden: It's a Wonderful Life
A BESM 2e game running in the ATC Universe -- IRC, #atc

It's 2091, one year after the fateful events of ATC2. For the most part, humanity has got on with its collective life. People rebuilt. Earth and Mars returned to normal. And indeed, the heroes of that conflict with forces beyond humanity's ken move back into mundane lives, unrecognized for their great service to all life in the galaxy.

But nothing everything is happy and resolved. Time marches on, and like ripples from a thrown stone, events have been set into motion that may once again draw the most unlikely of saviors to the task of saving the world from destruction...

Beyond this site, these events are also chronicled at the ATC Encyclopedia.

Player Characters
Katrina Hunter (aka Katherine Parker), played by Mechalink
Rochelle Krogstad, played by Ardweden
Zak Krogstad, played by Chamelaeon
Yue Rohay, played by Sakana
Major NPCs
Xavier Aurin, former Krazor turned DunnoCorp researcher
Platina Fortescue, mysterious DunnoCorp administrator
Brokkr and Eitri, mysterious assailants working for Platina
Soma McLochlane, the "mysterious sniper" and Calhoun OCDS employee

Acts and Scenes
Act One --
Scene 1: Memorial Day
Scene 2: Tourist Trap
Scene 3: Invisible Assassin
Scene 4: Fugue State

Act Two --
Scene 5: The Great Unknown
Scene 6: The Waking World
Arrow Scene 6a: The Looking Glass
Arrow Scene 6b: The Blind Date
Scene 7: Behind Blue Eyes | Manhattan Murder Mystery
Scene 8: From the Ashes | Kiss Me Goodbye
Arrow Scene 8a: Interstice of Time
Scene 9: Quid Pro Quo
Arrow Scene 9a: A King's Ransom
Scene 10: In Medias Res
Arrow Scene 10a: A Thousand Words

Act Three --
Scene 11: The Great White North
Scene 12: A Secret to Everyone | Dangerous to Go Alone
Scene 13: Not in a Snowglobe | Breakdown in the Negotiations
Scene 14: The Eight Rings Experiment

Interlude --
Interlude 1: Who I Am Today
Interlude 2: What Could Have Been
Interlude 3: What Might Yet Be
Interlude 4: Who I'll Be Tomorrow

Finale --
Finale: It's a Wonderful Life

Themes and Multimedia
Opening (Act 1) -- Hideaki Kobayashi, Save This World - v Mix
Opening (Act 2, Scene 7 onward) -- Bonnie Pink, Ring a Bell
Ending (Act 1) -- Masayoshi Yamazaki, Minuet (Minstrel Song Edit)
Ending (Act 2) -- Kawamura Yumi and Shoji Meguro, Memories of You

Rochelle's Theme -- Poe (w/ Conjure One), Center of the Sun
Zak's Theme -- Leftfield, Afro Left
Kat's Theme -- Alicia Keys and Jack White, Another Way to Die
Yue's Theme -- angela, Shangri-La

Xavier Aurin's Theme -- Takeharu Ishimoto, It's So Wonderful
Platina Fortescue's Theme -- Masato Kouda, Twilight of the Rulers
Brokkr and Eitri's Theme -- III, Trap Phantasm
Soma McLochlane's Theme -- Shoji Meguro/Lotus Juice, Mass Destruction (P3 Fes Ver.)

Kat and Zak on the rooftops (Scene 3) -- Yasushi Asada and Konami Kukeiha Club, Mad Forest
Threnody's return (End of Scene 7) -- Yoko Shimomura, Missing You
Words left unsaid (Scene 8, part 2) -- Angela Aki, Kiss Me Goodbye
Negotiation with Platina (Scene 9) -- Shoji Meguro, A New World Fool
Enter the corporate superspy (End of Scene 9) -- III, Den of Hunters
"You want to help, I need promises..." (Scene 9, part 2) -- Akihiro Honda, StrateLogic, Inc.
Soma's briefing (Scene 10) -- Yoko Shimomura, Out of Phase
Welcome to Red Sweden (Scene 11) -- Shoji Meguro, Your Affection
Dunno's corporate glory (Scene 12b) -- Konami Sound Team, One-Street Capital