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Where to begin. Although the information has been floating around gaming's social media spheres and message boards for a few weeks now, yesterday Polygon ran an op-ed by Laura K. Dale about Oryx, the titular king of Destiny's recent The Taken King expansion, being transgender. As a cis-though-not-as-cis-as-they-thought-they-were-for-30-years person, I struggled a lot with whether it was even… Continue reading Paradoryxical

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Janey Springs Eternal

So to continue what appears to be an accidental series of blog posts writing about Gearbox Software's Borderlands games, I wanted to get something down on paper regarding the newest title, Borderlands the Pre-Sequel. Now, if you follow my writing and Twitter and such you probably already know that I recently reviewed the game for Paste… Continue reading Janey Springs Eternal