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Please Don’t Touch Me

So: Dragon's Crown. It's come back into my life recently, as I have been playing it on my Vita (it's a surprisingly good fit for that system). Also spoilers, despite all its art style problems I thoroughly enjoy Dragon's Crown, as it's an exceedingly well-crafted and satisfying brawler. It also came up in this editorial about an… Continue reading Please Don’t Touch Me

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She’s Got the Look

So Bryce Mainville wrote a short piece last week about suggestions for overhauling the design of Street Fighter 4's main cast. It's a quick read, and not all that controversial; most of the suggestions are relatively mild changes, but I found the entire post thought-provoking and wanted to elaborate on my thoughts on the subject in general,… Continue reading She’s Got the Look

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Femme Fatalism

This morning I asked on Twit-ar if people would be interested in hearing some discussion on The Wonderful 101's "Wonder Pink" character, which I knew comparatively little about until Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency fame who mentioned it last night on Twitter: She then linked to the "intro" video for the character that gives her… Continue reading Femme Fatalism

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Tropes vs Women in Chinese Historical Fiction (Also Games)

Warning: I try to make things non-referency as possible but some fluency with the broad-scale events of the Three Kingdoms novel will be very helpful interpreting this post's specifics. Alright, so I'm actually a big Dynasty Warriors series fan. Almost all the Musou games, actually; the exception is Hokuto no Ken Musou ("Fist of the North Star") and Troy Musou which… Continue reading Tropes vs Women in Chinese Historical Fiction (Also Games)

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Oh, come on, now!

Extremely minor Mass Effect 3 spoilers follow. Bioware. You people, let us chat. Long time listener, first time caller. Love your work, have even devoted some of my professional research time to one of your creations (Dragon Age 2). Enjoy the Mass Effect series a whole bunch. Am even a SW:TOR subscriber. So I've established my credentials as… Continue reading Oh, come on, now!