Musica Mundana

Musica Mundana — Dramabomb

So, I'ma level with you: I love awesome moments in games, and I love game music, but I especially love game music for awesome moments in games. Let's start with an obvious one: the final demon summoning in Bayonetta -- That song -- Bayonetta OST disc 2, track 11, "Let's Hit the Climax" -- is far and away… Continue reading Musica Mundana — Dramabomb

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Musica Mundana — Secular Christian Rock

So back when I was first making these posts I joked on Twitter about the silly directions this could go. One of those directions was an explanation of how the soundtrack to Subarashiki Kono Sekai (aka The World Ends With You) is basically Christian rock with the references to God/Jesus/religion removed. Well guess what, internet: I'm bored,… Continue reading Musica Mundana — Secular Christian Rock