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Janey Springs Eternal

So to continue what appears to be an accidental series of blog posts writing about Gearbox Software's Borderlands games, I wanted to get something down on paper regarding the newest title, Borderlands the Pre-Sequel. Now, if you follow my writing and Twitter and such you probably already know that I recently reviewed the game for Paste… Continue reading Janey Springs Eternal

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Me and Bobby l’Cie

So earlier today on Twitter, Denis Farr and I were discussing how mages in the Dragon Age universe have a lot of queer readings, especially in the sense of political queerness in the 70s/80s. In the process I mentioned that I got a similar vibe from the much-maligned cast of Final Fantasy 13, specifically the relationship between "fal'Cie" (power… Continue reading Me and Bobby l’Cie

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Not Ghosts But Spirits

I had a brief conversation with Kris Ligman this evening about the Game Church, which led to me reading an interview they did with Steve Gaynor of Fullbright about Gone Home. In reading it, I had what the kids are calling "some feels" and while it won't make a very long blog post (sorry America), it's too longform… Continue reading Not Ghosts But Spirits