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Whole Hog

This is a short post. But I am cranky. Like many people in the gaming culture/press/business/what-have-you, I have spent many a moment over the past couple days looking at my client longingly, hoping I too will suddenly receive a beta invite for Blizzard’s upcoming TF2-alike, Overwatch. To kill some time, I decided to look… Continue reading Whole Hog

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Where to begin. Although the information has been floating around gaming's social media spheres and message boards for a few weeks now, yesterday Polygon ran an op-ed by Laura K. Dale about Oryx, the titular king of Destiny's recent The Taken King expansion, being transgender. As a cis-though-not-as-cis-as-they-thought-they-were-for-30-years person, I struggled a lot with whether it was even… Continue reading Paradoryxical

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Teachable Moment

Right. By now I'm sure many of you have heard about Michael Thomsen's WaPo review of Super Mario Maker. Suffice it to say that I found it really freaking obnoxious. Others did, too. I didn't see many people defending it, and I can imagine some reasonable ones; Tom Auxier at least had a couple reasonable explanations for… Continue reading Teachable Moment

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Hi, Twitter. So I made this tweet earlier tonight, around dinner time-ish: I've got thoughts about both of these topics, obviously, but I've been skirting writing about them for various reasons. Some of them more professional, some silly (FF14 has eaten up a lot of my life lately), and some personal (I am scared… Continue reading Dismissed

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Not Safe For Work (Or Anywhere Else)

So, let's talk about Cobra Club, the dick pic simulator by Robert Yang, for a little bit. Because the content of the game is NSFW -- and because I'm going to spoil some of the game's stuff -- you can find the rest of this post under the fold. I'm always in a weird place… Continue reading Not Safe For Work (Or Anywhere Else)

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Please Don’t Touch Me

So: Dragon's Crown. It's come back into my life recently, as I have been playing it on my Vita (it's a surprisingly good fit for that system). Also spoilers, despite all its art style problems I thoroughly enjoy Dragon's Crown, as it's an exceedingly well-crafted and satisfying brawler. It also came up in this editorial about an… Continue reading Please Don’t Touch Me