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A blog approaches. Command? >

A blog approaches. Command? >

So yeah. My name is Todd Harper. I’m a 2010 PhD graduate from Ohio University in media studies, and I’m an alum of the Newhouse School and the University of Wisconsin as well. I’m formerly a researcher at the MIT Game Lab and am now a visiting professor in the game design program at the University of Baltimore.

This blog is an attempt to get some of my ideas and thoughts about the things I study — video games, primarily, but also issues of sexuality and gender in the media — out into the world, for better or for worse. I can be a little opinionated when I want to be, but really, my profession is cultural critique. Presumably informed criticisms of culture are what I’m expected to do.

There are various ways to contact me if you are interested in something that’s been said here. I’m always interested in entertaining discussion about stuff here.

I am told that the phrase “stay classy” is from The Anchorman but frankly, I have never seen that movie so if I am ripping it off then it was more or less on accident. That said I am a lover of phrases like “stay classy” which, in our current culture of irony, are exemplars of how we use phrases that are patently false to emphasize their absence in the actual situation. Another one of my favorites is “Good job!” or “Well done!” to indicate utter fail. However those sound either dumb or self-serving as a blog title so I went with “Stay classy!”.


  1. Jesse January 13, 2013 2:24 am  Reply

    Hey there, this will surely be a blast from the past.
    I just started getting into the Slayers again, and of course went to check out the old forums inverse.org, and everything is gone (except Kanzakadex)!

    Anyways, for some reason I felt the need to contact someone there, so I navigated to your current blog and such. Just a random passerby.

  2. Miguel May 22, 2014 7:40 pm  Reply


    I’m a fellow academic currently working on my PhD in Literature. I’ve done work with gaming, queer theory, and Postcolonial theory. I’d love to correspond with you.

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