Rampant self-promotion

So, a friend asked for me to consolidate, somewhere, links to the various podcasts I have been a guest of this past year.

For some reason I cannot fathom the folks at Gaymism — the Wonder Twins-style merger of Gayme Bar and Silly Frags — have taken a shine to me and so I have been blessed with the opportunity to chat with them on a number of occasions! If you’d like to listen to these, then here’s your chance:

GaymeBar Podcasts:

Function 45: “A Closed World” — The one that started it all. Jeremiah and Toups liked ACW and wanted to talk about it! So we did. For FOUR HOURS. The podcast was thankfully edited down to two.

Function 58: “A Blaze” — They brought me back to discuss GDC 2012! Fun times for all.

Function 63: “Dragon Ageless” — Bereft of a guest this week on short notice, I dropped in. As the running joke went, I was totally the last minute guest star Carol Channing to their Johnny Carson/Laurence Welk.

Function 65: “GaymeBar Goes to College” — Probably one of my favorites, because we actually had Jason and Jeremiah up to GAMBIT to talk about their podcast and to have them hang out in person! We went to IHOP! Yay!

Gayme Probe:

Rather than list these individually, I’m just going to link to all the Gayme Probe podcasts because except for #3 (“Value”) I’m in all of them. They’re the brainchild of Dean of Silly Frags, who wanted a podcast with a focused theme, breaking down individual issues in gaming. A valiant and often totally unaccomplished goal but these are still a fun listen.

So there you have it! It’s me, for your eardrums.

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