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I’m not dead

When did I last post here? Oh, right… last July. The uh… life situation is now considerably different than it was last July, and the fact that being crazy busy made me sortakinda abandon this blog for a while did not in any way help matters. However, since I’ve all but abandoned the crumbling Babel that is Livejournal and instead worship at the golden calf called Twitter, there hasn’t been much news of me on the internets. More importantly, there’s been stuff to comment on that I realize I can’t properly handle in 140 characters, so I want to make a conscious effort to start blogging again.

Anyhow: last time, on Stay Classy:

  • I graduated from OU and am now a full-fledged PhD.
  • I moved from Athens, OH to Boston, MA (specifically Everett, MA)
  • I now work at the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab

And that’s pretty much it. When I tell you I have the best job in the world I’m not lying; GAMBIT looks at some really great stuff, and it’s full of super smart and experienced people (though this is not proving great for my meager self-esteem as I often wonder “WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING HERE D:”).

Regardless, I will try to update more often now, for as long as that holds out. Working at a research lab is good for that, actually, as we often have casual discussions that spin easily off into more elaborate analyses of the subject. Presumably, that’s my lot in life. Or so they told me at the super-secret new media studies PhD illuminati induction ceremony.


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